Store Shoplifting

The law office of Erick Platten has represented juvenile offenders in theft and shoplifting cases since 2000. Our attorney, Erick Platten, has experience in criminal law matters, and he can try to keep an accusation of shoplifting from becoming a final conviction.
Many minors who steal or shoplift don’t do it because they need to. For many, it is a thrill, and they think they can get away with it. Do not let one poor decision impact the rest of your child's life.
Our firm often defends juveniles who are first-time offenders. Many are high school honor roll students who want to go to college. A shoplifting charge; also called a "five-finger discount” charge can greatly hinder a student's chances of success in the future. Many people like Winona Ryder and Lindsey Lohan have been accused of such crimes.

Our main goal is to try to make sure that this charge or arrest does not become a permanent part of your child's record if possible. An accusation of shoplifting can negatively affect applications for jobs, insurance, housing, and college. If you or your child qualifies, we can help you with expunction or other remedies for sealing or clearing a criminal record.
We Work with the Prosecution to Secure Alternative Punishment
We strive to get our shoplifting cases worked out for deferred adjudication. This is a type of community work supervision which, if completed successfully, results in a dismissal of the charge. It is also a prerequisite to be qualified to file a petition for nondisclosure to seal your criminal record.
Contact Our Texas Shoplifting Lawyer, Erick Platten 
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