Notable Felony Victories

State v. Howard Fincke
Aggravated Assault
Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
Allegations of firing an AR-15 at his family and neighbors.
Howard fired the his rifle at hallucinations he believed were rats attacking his family. 

Statistically insanity defenses only work in two percent of all cases.
114th District Court Smith County, Texas 

State v. Jimmy Nelson
Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child
Dismissed by Judge in Pre-Trial Hearing on Competency
294th District Court Van Zandt County, Texas

State v. Marcus Brookins
Aggravated Assault Enhanced to Twenty-Five to Life 
Mistrial  Granted after Nineteen-Hours of Jury Deliberations
Marcus was released from Smith County Jail 
after a plea to a misdemeanor for credit for time served. 
114th District Court Smith County, Texas

State v. Lou Reynold Davis
Injury to a Child 
Not Guilty
Allegations of waterboarding and striking a child in the head with a mag-light
Nine Hour and twenty-minute jury deliberation
124th District Court Gregg County, Texas

State v. Ronnie Rodgers
Intoxication Manslaughter 
30 Minute Deliberation, Probation Granted by Jury 
First jury in Smith County to place someone on probation for intoxication manslaughter
114th District Court Smith County, Texas 

State v. Marcus Willis
Indecency with a Child
Probation Granted by Smith County, Jury
Marcus was the first to be placed on probation
 by a Smith County Jury for a sex offense 
7th District Court Smith County, Texas 

State v. Josue Talavera
Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
First Degree Felony Drug Conspiracy
Reduced to State Jail Felony Deferred Adjudication 
Money Laundering 
114th District Court Smith County, Texas 

State v. Jon Doe
Assault on Peace Officer
402nd District Court Wood County, Texas
12 minute Felony Not Guilty Verdict 
Still holds the record in Wood County
One of the Fastest Felony Not Guilty verdicts in Texas 

Maria Reyes v. Nails LaBella
$952,611.77 Judgment Entered  
241st  Judicial District Court Smith County, Texas