MRIS Medical Parole

Medically Recommended Intensive Supervision
provides for the early parole review and release of certain prisoners who are mentally ill, mentally retarded, elderly, physically handicapped, or require long-term care.  These terms are defined by the Texas Correctional Office On Offenders With Medical or Mental Impairments.  Attached below are the TDCJ MRIS procedures.  More information about the TCOMMI can be found on the TDCJ website at:

The purpose of MRIS is to provide for the release of prisoners who pose minimal public safety risk from incarceration to more cost effective alternatives.

MRIS is available to any prisoner who is not serving a death sentence.

Prisoners who are serving sentences for aggravated offenses or sex offenses may only be considered for MRIS if a medical condition of terminal illness or long-term care has been diagnosed by a physician.

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